Overview ClockStone does not only offer services such as 3d modelling & animating for commercial video spots – we can also provide you with real time 3d applications allowing the customer to interact with the presentation - thus unveiling a whole new horizon of possibilities to demonstrate a product or a service to a customer in a multimedia-based high-tech way that will make you stand apart from the competition.
3D Animation We handle the entire process of high-quality 3D animation production: 3D modelling, texturing, rigging, animating, and rendering. By using special software we can create very realistic and natural characters or other complexly moving objects without the use of expensive motion capture techniques.
3D Interactive ClockStone’s state-of-the-art graphics engine can be used for any kind of real time 3D application, such as ...

- Virtual inspections of buildings
- 3D presentations of any kind of product or service
- Demonstrations of complex processes for training lessons
- and more

... including unlimited ways of interactions and animations. Its high-performance graphics shaders pipeline can not only display objects and characters with amazing detail but also create stunning visual effects typical for contemporary video games.

Visualisation references:
Interactive company presentation » view Penthouse Arzl » view Mountain Deluxe » view Zillertal Arena » view ClockStone logo animation » view Avencast logo animation » view
Production chain visualisation Production chains in industrial plants can be very complex processes. With ClockStone‘s 3D
engine you can show your production chains to customers and business partners without worrying about safety or nondisclosure issues. Interactions with the virtual world can also aid for training purposes.
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Interactive visualisation Interactive virtual inspections offer a highly attractive means to present and market real estate properties. Potential customers can freely move around in the apartment to get a taste of the look and feel of it. Moreover, for new construction projects, 3D interactive inspections can be an effective means of fundraising: sell premises without false promises even before construction has started – to a customer who knows what to expect. » Back to top
Mountain Deluxe ClockStone Studio created a life footage video for a presentation DVD used in an information brochure for the real estate project Mountain Deluxe. ClockStone directed and cut the video sequence, assembling life footage, historic photographs and animated texts. The life footage was provided by the customer. ClockStone was also in charge of the direction and the render preparation of all 3D scenes in the video. » Back to top
Arenafunt in motion "Arenafunt" is the name of the mascot of the Zillertal Arena skiing region in Tyrol's popular skiing valley Zillertal. It is a cute yellow cartoon elephant with a black cylinder and very red ski boots. He is a cheerful and cuddly fellow. At first, it was just a figure made of papier-mache but ClockStone breathed life into it. Now you can find it on the website of the Zillertal arena climbing and walking around making funny stuff. Why don't you say hello to him at the » Zillertal Arena homepage! » Back to top
ClockStone wheels are turning A giant clockwork begins to move. The camera starts from a close-up point of view close underneath the cogwheels. As it zooms out, the cogs keep moving, the clockhand moves faster and the letters "ClockStone" appear within the clockwork. A highlight flashes from left to right just before some of the cogwheels disappear and the ClockStone logo remains. » Back to top
A book full of magic A candle flickers besides a heap of old books. One book lies open and the pages are turned by the wind as the camera moves over it. The book closes with a flourish and reveals the Avencast logo on it. With a flash of light, the book disappears and the logo reappears on a black background. The book refers to a book in the game, written by Jonesh, a hermit and the hero's adoptive father, who is also the narrator of the game. » Back to top
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